remote real-time diagnostic imaging

FDA Approved and HIPAA Compliant

Instant access to healthcare analytics

Remote real-time diagnostic imaging by Radiologist

Local exam by Doctor or Sonographer



Enabling remote, real-time medical exams over existing network infrastructure using a wide variety of currently installed medical equipment.

Meet the Team


Formed in 2012 to create software that enables real-time remote medical examinations using existing Ultrasound, Xray and other Diagnostic Equipment.

The images are as clear as if you
are standing right in the exam room.

The technology works very well and you can
guide the sonographer efficiently through the exam.

The technology is good enough to be able to
see what the sonographer is doing and
give input to make adjustments for better images.

Having immediate feedback and the ability to
direct the sonographer in real time is a huge advantage
in acquiring good images of potential lesions.

About Us

EaglEyeMed is breaking new ground with EagleX – a Networking and Data Compression Technology which enables REMOTE REAL-TIME MEDICAL EXAMS for both Human and Veterinary medicine. EagleX is FDA-approved, HIPAA compliant and available immediately.

Real time remote diagnostic imaging technology

The Eagle X software runs on low cost laptop or tablet devices and seamlessly integrates with existing medical equipment.  Eagle X delivers remote, real-time diagnostic quality images over existing network infrastructure.

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