EagleX real-time remote radiologist diagnostics

The Current Approach to Radiological Exams

Today, most radiolology exams are performed by the “store and forward” method. The technician (or radiologist) performs the exam on the patient using specialized equipment and the results/images are recorded and stored in a database. After the exam is completed, a radiologist will access the images and operator notes in order to make a detailed diagnosis and provide a written report.

Many times the exam is performed in a TIME CRITICAL SITUATION or is in a REMOTE LOCATION. Having a radiologist REMOTELY participating during the actual exam can dramatically improve the quality of the images and result in better diagnosis. This is the value of EagleX.

The Future of Ultrasound Using EagleX

Ultrasound is very widely used for medical examination both for detailed diagnosis by a trained radiologist and for general wellness examinations by a general practitioner. It is safe, non-invasive and affordable – often referred to as the MODERN STETHOSCOPE.

By enabling real-time collaboration between doctors, patients and radiologists, the quality and efficiency of both wellness and diagnostic exams will be radically transformed by EagleX.

remote medical imaging existing euipment
Real time remote diagnostic imaging technology

Seamless, Virtual and in Real-Time

  • The EagleX software platform enables remote, real-time medical exams over existing network infrastructure.
  • Many times the exam is performed in a time critical situation and/or is remotely located.
  • EagleX enables real-time collaboration between doctors, patients and radiologists.
  • Can radically transform the quality and efficiency of both wellness and diagnostic exams.

Key Product Features

  • Diagnostic quality images broadcast live to remote radiologist.
  • High Resolution Ultrasound Remote Display at up to 60 fps.
  • Simultaneous real-time video conference between the specialist and the physician or technician performing the exam.
  • Seamless interface to a wide variety of currently installed medical equipment.
  • DVR-style record and playback of live image stream available to the radiologist.
  • Simple user interface with drag and drop windows.
EagleX FDA Approved, HIPAA Compliant